BPC was founded in 2010 by the Kyle R. Burnett Family with the minority interest owned by noted financier Marshall Payne. Although founded in 2010, BPC traces its roots back to 1929 through various acquisitions and mergers completed by Mr. Kyle R. Burnett beginning with the founding of Republic Petroleum Corporation in 1984. In 1986, Republic purchased Arcadia Refining Company, also known as Arcadia Exploration & Production Company, maintaining the management team and merging all of Republic’s assets into Arcadia Refining Company.

Arcadia Exploration & Production Company was founded in 1929 by Gustavus A. Buder, a prominent attorney and business man from St. Louis, Missouri, shortly after the discovery of the great East Texas oil field. Evolving into an independent oil and gas company under the direction of the Buder Family, Arcadia pursued the business of purchasing minerals and royalty interests, acquiring existing production (building considerable interests in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana), and exploration in the 1960’s. Arcadia enjoyed many successes throughout the 20th century, becoming an operator of over 350 wells, owning a non-op working interest in over 400 others, as well as starting a subsidiary oil field supply company.

The plummeting price of oil as well as the death of G.A. Buder, Jr. prompted the Buder family to put Arcadia on the market in 1986. As previously mentioned,Republic Petroleum Corporation under the direction of Mr. Kyle R. Burnett acquired Arcadia in December of 1986. By leveraging a combination of his own oil and gas management experience along with the deep rooted reputation and history of Arcadia Exploration and Production, Mr. Burnett was able to substantially grow Arcadia even further through many acquisitions such as the 1994 purchase in the famed Talco Field in Titus and Franklin County, Texas from Hinton Production Company.

In 2010, Mr. Burnett founded Burnett Petroleum Company and subsequently purchased the majority of Arcadia Exploration & Production Company’s assets. Since that time, BPC has utilized its operational and managerial expertise to substantially grow its asset base in Texas, Louisiana, and Kansas. BPC is a 25% stake holder in a South Texas Joint Venture which has successfully completed over 40 wells since 2010. In 2012, BPC partnered with CIC Partners, a Dallas based private equity group, to form Magnolia Petroleum Company for the purpose of purchasing a substantial operated package consisting of properties throughout the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast. Also in 2012, BPC partnered with GE Capital to form Burnett Petroleum Partners, which has a significant asset base in North East Texas. BPC is also partners with Rosewood Resources in Louisiana. This partnership is responsible for the discovery of a new field which BPC is currently in the process of developing. Furthermore, in 2014, BPC was able to secure the rights to over 120 square miles of seismic data in Kansas. By utilizing its in-house expertise and by carefully selecting top quality outside experts, BPC has located several prospects in Kansas and plans to commence drilling in Q1 2016. BPC is dedicated to finding, acquiring, and exploiting only the best deals for itself and its partners. Our future is bright and we look forward to continual success by “making our own luck.”